by Peter Walsh
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Get your work life organized.

  • By Peter Walsh - International Organization Expert, as seen on TLC's hit series Clean Sweep
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File Folders

  • Our filing products allow you to find documents you need, when you need them.
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Recycled Colored File Folders

Our highest recycled content file folder that contains 50% post consumer content

Colored Pocket Folders

Separate and organize projects within one file folder

[IN]PLACE™ System Durable File Folders

One folder type means that Clip Tabs and Post-it® Super Sticky Notes always stay visible


Colored Moisture-Resistant 6-Fastener, 2-Pocket Classification Folders

Moisture resistant pressboard covers resist moisture to protect your documents

Hanging Folders

  • Simplify storage. [IN]PLACE™ Hanging Files offer varying levels of security.
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Attached Hanging Folders

Accordion design saves space in file cabinets & prevents papers from slipping between folders

Hanging Pockets with Full Height Gussets

Full height gussets glide along rails and help prevent tearing

100% Recycled Reinforced Hanging Folders

Tough polylaminate strips reinforce top & bottom critical wear points

[IN]PLACE™ System Interlocking Hanging Files

Unique interlocking feature prevents documents from falling between files


Expanding Folders

  • Our folders keep your files together, expand as necessary and are completely portable.
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Heavy-Duty File Pockets

Extra reinforcement to withstand everyday use

[IN]PLACE™ System Document Wallet

One inch capacity is great working size for multiple small files or a single project


Heavy-Duty Expanding Files

Take your file cabinet with you, without the heavy lifting

[IN]PLACE™ System File Tote

Handles extend to transport files and compress to fit inside a bag or cabinet


File Jackets and Specialty Folders

  • Our file jackets and specialty folders secure papers and keep information confidential.
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Project Jackets

Printed project grid & notes section make important information easy to access

Manila File Jackets

Straight-cut reinforced double ply tabs for frequently accessed files

[IN]PLACE™ System Document Sleeves

Three-sided closure prevents documents from sliding out & provides quick access


[IN]PLACE™ System Document Envelopes

Perfect protection for organizing and transporting your documents


End Tab Filing

  • [IN]PLACE™ files come in assorted colors for color-coding and enhancing your workspace.
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End Tab Folders with Fasteners

Durable fastener folders are a great way to secure & protect documents

Colored Pressboard End-Tab Classification Folders

Organize large files by subdividing documents into manageable sections

Heavy Duty Expanding End Tab Pockets

Heavy Duty Pockets have extra reinforcement to stand up to everyday abuse

Heavyweight Pressboard End-Tab Folders with Fasteners

Durable fastener folders secure and protect your documents

Filing Accessories

  • Our products contain recycled content, and items like erasable markers promote reusability.
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[IN]PLACE™ System Desktop Sorter

Sorting panels rotate forward and back for flipping files without having to remove them


[IN]PLACE™ System Clip Tabs & Erasable Marker

Easily label and color-code your work


[IN]PLACE™ System Rolling Case File

Mobile container allows for the placement of documents in one place


[IN]PLACE™ System Post-it® Super Sticky Cube & Wallet

Easily label and color-code your work


Notebooks, Clipboards & Sheet Protectors

  • [IN]PLACE™ has several organizational options for protecting all your important documents.

Poly Cover Notebooks & Composition Books

Notebooks with covered wire binding offer enhanced durability & function

Sheet Protectors

Protect your pages from the elements & daily wear-and-tear

Aluminum Portable Storage Clipboards

Clipboards provide a hard, smooth writing surface, and safe secure storage

[IN]PLACE™ System Magazine File

Interior flaps hold items upright, making them easy to grab and preventing curved spines